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WHOA! Looking for something FUN and EXCITING this SUMMER?!?!

Blue-footed_Booby_-_Galapagos_Islands.jpgYOU can TRAVEL with Ms. Lee INTERNATIONALLY to the GALAPAGOS ISLANDS in JUNE 2016! This is an amazing opportunity with Education First Tours. Make this trip to the EQUATORIAL LINE in Quito, Ecuador before visiting the islands where Charles Darwin made some of his famous observations and discoveries! We'll travel to Isabela Island, Santa Cruz Island, and San Cristobal Island as we experience the amazing endemic species of wildlife and plants that live in this beautiful, unique habitat!galapagos Isabela Island.jpg


Complete the application and contact Ms. Lee regarding the next steps!

Click here to visit the GALAPAGOS Trip Website! for maps, tour details, & price quotes (changes ~monthly, you can sign up for a payment plan...ONLY$95 to enroll & lock-in your price!!)
*Students enrolled by Feb. 28th, 2015 will receive a $100 early enrollment credit!*

*This is NOT a JICHS-Sponsored EVENT--this is NOT a "field trip" through our school. It's through a reputable, economical, private tour company, Education First Tours. Friends & Family are welcome to join us! :)
Education First Tour Company's Recruitment Video**

June 2014: We spent 9 days in COSTA RICA!!!!!!!
Service Learning Trip: Mangrove Restoration w/Local Scientists! Visiting a School! Touring the Country!
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We Spent A Week of June 2013 in BELIZE!!!!!!!
CAN YOU BELIZE IT!?!? We had SO much fun & learned and experienced many amazing adventures!! 9 Students TRAVELLED with Ms. Lee INTERNATIONALLY to BELIZE & learn first hand about the RAINFOREST JUNGLE, MAYAN RUINS, & CORAL REEFS!!!


Students In Action Club: Meets on alternating Thursdays each month, new members are always welcome--come learn about community service projects at JICHS!

National Honor Society: Meets on alternating Tuesdays each month

AMAZING Link that really puts things in perspective for the SCALE of life on Earth!!
REALLY cool photo-montage of sunrises all over the globe, man it just makes ya feel GOOD!
Talk Nerdy to Me! Here's a cool site with songs about science...
ARKive website---search for species! Cool videos & accurate info!
Great YouTube Videos to review just about every biology topic!!

WOW...look at all these cool GAME TEMPLATES!!! :)

Interested in cool biology current events?!? Check out the links below!!
Science Daily News
Well, these are oldies but goodies....BIOLOGY JOKES!!

Need to find a science article for class?
JSTOR searchable database for scientific journals
Nature (journal)
Science Journal
Scientific American
National Geographic
Discover Magazine

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